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Part 3: Let's Sculpt the miniature figure (Ponce de Leon)

This is just an overview of the process and tools I used to sculpt the miniature figure. If you want a more in-depth tutorial that takes you through the process step by step I have it here: How to Sculpt a Miniature Fantasy Figure


I started with a sketch so I could get a sense for the size and the pose of Ponce. Here in this picture you see the sketch. And you can see I have created a wire armature for his body and already put his head on it.


The drawing


I am using a two part modeling epoxy called ProCreate. This is my favorite. It is like two different clays. You mix equal parts of the two clays and then you have about two weeks to work and sculpt it before it hardens.


Procreate Clay


Here I have sculpted his body out. He is just a skeleton with armor and a bit of clothing. You also see his halberd.

The sculpted mini


Once dried I glued him in place.

Adding terrain


And painted him. White for his bones and gold for his armor and helmet.

Painting the figure


That's it Ponce de Leon is done.

The figure is painted


Next Let's finish the diorama by adding some terrain details and textures


About ProCreate

Procreate Putty

This is my favorite modeling putty. I like the way it works and the way it responds to sculpting.

ProCreate Putty, 90 grams