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Medieval Village 12 - Plants and Flowers

We are starting to make some wonderful progress with the diorama and now we are adding a variety of flowers and plants.

There are vines that climb on the buildings, flowers in pots, cat o' nine tails along the river and a whole lot more.


Making little flowers and plants is a whole lot of fun and there are lots of creative techniques you can use to get them looking great. I will show you a whole bunch of things you can do. For example you can use a hole punch to punch circles out of c olored paper. Thats what we did for these flowers. Then add a little bit of color and shape them a bit. Push them down onto a piece of foamboard with a yellow pencil and you get this great shape and look with the yellow in the middle.

Red Flowers in a pot    


Putting them on foamboard is a great technique because it is compressable, pressing down with the pencil pushes the flowers into the conical flower shape.

These were made from red paper. The blue ones above are used for yet more flowers.


The Cat O' Nine tails is probably my favorite of the bunch. They look terrific. The leaves ar juist cut from paper and curled a little bit with a pair of scissors.

The actual bud of the flower is easy to make and rather a neat little process.

It's a little bit difficult to see here but we start with a piece of green wire as the flower stem. I put a glob of hot glue on the table and rolled the green wire end in it. It forms a nice glob.


Then you roll that glob into some terrain texture. This is woodland scenics turf. You can use all kinds of stuff for this including spices!


And there you go! The cat tails are done. Now it's just a matter of gluing it to a variety of long leaves cut from paper.


Vines on a building


Blue Flowers in a pot

You can use a sharp instrument to carve lines in the paper leaves.


The tiny little yellow ballls that you see in this blue flower and in other flowers for this tutorial are actually from woodland scenics. T48 Woodland Scenics Flowers Foliage



They are a whole lot of little tiny balls and they come in a bag. This picture is a closeup. Now, these are actually very very small and they are used as flowers alone. But very tiny! We can use them as stamens on larger flowers like in this tutorial.


To get a sense of the size of those little flower beads here they are in a window flower pot on the peasant's house.

This peasants house is a nice little project and you can see that tutorial right here: How to make a medieval peasant's house.



And here is a real close up look at the flower pot.


Green Wire

Here is the green wire that is used for a lot of the flower making. And the irony of this is that this is florist wire!


And here is another great tip. A little bit of moss will be perfect in the flower pot as a base that the the flowers can go into.

Let's continue with the tutorial and check out Part 13: Walls, Water and Terrain


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