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The Crashed Spitfire Diorama Part 2

This is part 2 of Glen's Spitfire diorama. In this part we take a look at some more of the techniques that he used.

Glen has submitted other dioramas and tutorials to this website. You can check them out here: Glen's Military Dioramas


The spitfire

I searched google images for meadows and ploughed fields, copied and pasted image onto paper, print them off and these can be used as backdrops for when you take photos of your diorama, it gives you depth within your photos


Closeup of the plane

I tend to use pastels, to get weathering exhaust effects on my models, you don't need an expensive set. I have to sets a black and white set, which goes from white up to black with plenty of greys in between. And another set of coloured pastels.

These photos show the bullet holes pretty good along with the background pictures

Bent Propellor

To bend the propellers I applied gentle heat from a candle a took my time in bending the blades.

I used the scatter on the plane to give a good effect, even put mud on tail wheel.

To make this diorama you could even use a damaged kit, only i was given this kit so I didn't mind using it for a crash scene.

Let's look at how Glen made the base of this diorama:

The foam base

He started by laying a sheet of foam over a pice of plywood. Then he used tools to cut away some of the foam. This is the rut that the crashing plane caused and will be sitting inside. This is a great example of why you might want to partially assemble the plane first. THis way you can size the terrain and the rut.


Then he used plaster to create the actual landscape. Notice how part of it is farmland and some of it is meadowy field.

Adding the Plaster Terrain


Here is another look so you can see how the textures are

overhead view of the diorama

And here is one more view that shows the tailwheel section. Notice the level of detail in this picture. It all looks great including the brush and the mud that has been kicked up onto the bottom of the fuselage.

The tail of the plane



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