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The Fur Elise Diorama Part 2

Here are some pictures showing the process of the making of the diorama.

This is part 2 of Steve's Fur Elise diorama. part 1 is here



The base for the diorama is a pine base bought at Michaels. The Styrofoam is from box packing. The stream is made of quick dry spackle.

Next he built out the structure of the bridge.


Then made and added the trees.


He built the trees by wrapping wire that was about 22 gauge then primed it with Rustoleum Shake can and painted them a couple of shades of brown.

He fleshed out the branches by using horse hair. And the foliage is a mix of ground up dried lichen (Michaels hobby shop in the floral section) and whole dried lichen.



He added the german figure to the stream bed.


Then added the water.

And he started working on the vehicle with a coat of primer.



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REalistic water

Realistic Water, 16 fl oz

This is the water product that I use to make the surface water of the pond and the river. It is pretty nice stuff and very easy to use. You just pour it in and let it dry. No mixing required. But, you can only pour it to about 1/4 inch thick. Then let it dry and pour another layer. You can speed up the drying process with a fan.


DOW Craft Styrofoam Foam Sheets, 1 x 24 x 48, (4 sheets)

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