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Building the Brummbar Tank (part 2)

This is part 2 of the tutorial on how to make a german tank. In this part we finish it off and take a look.

You can see part 1 here



The camoflage patterns vary with World War Two vehicles, I use many references including the ones on the instructions as these are most accuate and show the location of the vehicle markings as well. The last 3 photos show the final detailing.

The Tank

The tank side view


By using an airbrush and with lots of practice one can spray a great pattern onto any vehicle that calls for various colors and patterns.

The parts

The finishing touches include adding the crew which in this case is a mix of the kit and another great crewman from another manufacturer.

The completed paint

Completing the kit includes adding carry-on boxes, chains and all the amenities of home that a crew could stow on the outside.

Some Tips on the Paints:

As I might have mentioned I use all craft type acrylic paints for all my models and dioramas, these will actually match any color sceme for any type of military model with the help of a color chart. You might recognize CreamCoat, AppleBarrel and Anita's as brand names as these were first brought out for use with ceramics, hence the ability to dry them evenly wtih a hairdryer and have a solid, almost impervious coating on models. I use the glossy blues for my collection of 1/48th scale WW2 US Navy aircraft and they come out great! (see the photos of the inside of my barn) Over the years I steered away from oil-based Testors and other paints as the acrylics mix and clean up wtih water and airbrush very smoothly with blue tint windshield wiper fluid at about 50/50% and about 25psi with the spray setting on "fine" as seen on the Bear.


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Luis' UDT Boat Frogmen Diorama

Before they were Navy Seals they were called Frogmen. A web visitor (Luis) has created an amazing diorama with incredible detail. He tells us how he made it, how he achieved the water effects and more. (And we have lots of pics) Check it out here: The UDT Boat Frogmen Diorama



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