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Make a plastic Tank model and diorama -Part 4: The diorama continued

In this part of the tutorial we continue making the diorama.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Start the terrain

Now tip the board and shake it. All the excess texture will fall away and you are left with texture exactly where you applied the glue.


Paint on glue

Now let's apply terrain, in a different color, to the remaining part of the diorama.

Brush your glue and water mixture onto the remaining parts of the diorama.


Sprinkle on terrain

Now apply textures to those new areas. In this case I used two different shades of green. That will give it a more interesting, and more realistic look.


The colors look good

Shake off the excess and that's it! The base terrain textures are done. Let's add some more details.


Add bushes for detail

Next we are going to expand the terrain by adding rougher and bigger texture bits. This is clump foliage. You put down areas or lines of white glue and press pieces of clump foliage onto it.


Add clump foliage

So, add more clump foliage. Have some fun with this.


Creating the crossroad signs

Next we are going to make the crossroad sign post so I cut some small pieces of balsa wood, painted them and labeled them.


The completed crossroad sign

I drilled a hole in the diorama. Glued a dowel into it and glued the signs to that. A little brown paint and the crossroads sign is done.


The soldiers

Just a little bit remaining. Glue down the figures to the diorama. I am not gluing the tank down. That way people can pick it up and look at it.


Spray on glue

The only thing remaining is to seal the diorama. This step is optional. Mix more 50/50 water and glue. And put it in a spray bottle then gently spray it on the various terrain textures of the diorama. When this dries it will hold everything nicely in place. (Don't spray it on the tank and figures).


And that is it! Your Military Diorama is done!

The completed diorama


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