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How to make a Bonfire in a diorama

Glen has done quite a few dioramas for us . And he has also done some tutorials showing us how to achieve certain effects in a diorama. And in this tutorial he shows us how to make a great looking bonfire !

You can check out all of Glens work on this page here.



Here is a look at the completed bonfire. It looks terrific!!!

The completed bonfire


The Flameless candles

To make the bonfire I have used Flameless LED Candles (picture 003) the one on the left is off, the one one the right is on these candles flicker giving the effect of a flame.


The drilled hole

I then drilled a hole the the base of the Diorama once I was happy with the position.


Cover the candle with plastic

I then used some plastic covering from which my computer ins came in to make a cylinder, which I  glued  using Formula 560 Canopy Glue as this dries back clear and check that it fits the hole


Trim it down

I then trimmed down the plastic cylinder I made and crimped and cut it so that it would take shape of a bonfire outline, gain using the glue, glued it together whilst using tape and rubber elastic bands to hold while glue set.


Candle in place

You then need to check that the candle fits  snugly  in the hole and remove tape and rubber bands when dry


I then cut out some polystyrene in a circle shape this will go over the plastic, and glued in place.

Styrofoam ring  Styrofoam ring


Red scatter

Using scatter I used medium red scatter you then need to cover the  polystyrene.  


Cover with scatter

Only cover partial as you will want to be able to see the flame.


The bonfire

Once you have cover with scatter you will then need to get yourself so small tree twigs and cut them up into small pieces remembering to leave some for the diorama its self if you put the candle into the hole and turn it on you will be able to see here that the twigs which are now the logs on the fire.

NextOk! Let's continue on with this tutorial on how to make a bonfire





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