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Make a Model FlakPanzer part 5

Now we finish the tank.


We finish it off by attaching the the turret to the tank part.

The turret attaches to the tank


It looks good and the turret is free rotation and the guns move up and down.

The turret looks great

We had previously assembled and painted the soldiers because three of them had to be mounted into the turret before it was finished. It's a pretty simple process. Let's take a look.

Removing the parts from the sprue


The assembled soldier


Painting the soldier


The finished tank


How to Make a Plastic Model (A tutorial on the basics of model making)

I love making models. I have been doing it since I was a kid. It's a lot of fun and pretty inexpensive. Here I show you all the tips and techniques for doing a nice job of it. How to Make a Plastic Model