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Build a plastic model Huey helicopter part 4: Applying the decals

In this part of the tutorial we finish off the model by applying the decals.


The decal sheet is pretty interesting. You should examine it closely. And with some models there are variations that you can apply to the model. This is for models that might be from different military units. Me, I tend to just do whichever layout seems the best looking. And I often don't do every single decal. I just stick with the major and larger ones.


The sheet of decals


Soak the decal

You cut each decal individually from the sheet and soak it in water for a minute. It will clearly start to come loose from the paper backing. Don't remove it totally from the backing.


Slide decal onto the model

If you leave it on the blue backing paper, yet it is soft and loose you can easily hold it and slide the decal right off the paper and onto the model.


Shift the decal into position

And you should be able to still slide the decal around to get it into the right position.

If you have trouble positioning the decal you can apply more water to it with a cotton swab. And once it is in the desired position you can dry it up a bit with a cotton swab.

And that's it! The model helicopter is done.

The completed helicopter


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