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How to Make a Model Submarine : Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we start the actual building of the model.


Excess flashing

Once the parts have dried inspect them for imperfections and flashing. Flashing is excess plastic that can form when the parts are being manufactured. They are typically very thin little extrusions.

You can carefully remove them with a sharp hobby knife. You can do this all at once or you can inspect for flashing as you use each piece in the build.

It is important to remove this flashing not just for looks. It may also interfere with how the parts go together.


So, you inspect a part for flashing, clean it if necessary then cut it off the plastic sprue. And the instructions tell you step by step how to do the build. Here is the first step. Installing a door onto a bulkhead wall. And, you can see by the two illustrations near the question mark that you have the choice of gluing it together with the door open or closed. Your choice.

An instruction


Cut away a part



GLue small parts on

And there we go. The first parts are glued together and looks good.


A sub assembly

The build of the submarine is pretty clean and neat. You put together various sub assemblies which are bulkheads just like in the real submarine.


The sub assembly

And then you install them into one half of the submarine hull.


The bulkhead looks good

Here several of the bulkhead sections have been installed.


Painting the inside

At this point, before I put on the second half of the hull which closes it up I paint the inside parts.


Painting the figures

When you paint the parts is flexible. You can paint them on the sprue before you use them or afterward once the model is assembled. And anywhere in between. Typically there is some decision making involved when painting. You base this on what you want. I typically hold off on painting and paint as late as possible.


Soaking a decal

And before we close up the inside of the sub we also apply the decals that are on the inside.

Decals, can be a detailed process. Especially when they are as small and numerous as the ones for this kit.

You cut each decal out of the sheet then soak it in water.


Applyiin a decal

Then apply them.


Applying small decals

Lots of decals!


Adding the figures

And we add the sailors..


The inside is done and it looks great.

The inside of the submarine is done


Okay! Let's finish the model by adding the second half of the hull then doing the external work. Continue


P51 Mustang

Make a Scale Model Airplane This is a great little plastic model kit (P51 Mustang). It is very inexpensive, easy to build and looks great. If you have never built a plastic model this one is a great first project. I have a complete tutorial and a video right here: Make a P51 Mustang