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Make a Model Viking Ship - part 2.

In this part of the tutorial we get to the making of the viking ship by cementing together the various parts.



Glue the halves together

Then go ahead and cement together the parts. Notice that I am using cement here. This isn't glue. This testors cement is specially made for plastic models. It actually melts the plastic, bonding the pieces together.


tape the halves to hold them

And the instructions recommend that after cementing these two parts you put some tape on them and set it aside to set. So this is what I did. also used a couple of small clamps.


A part explained in the instructions

Now it is a series of instruction steps. We just follow them in the booklet. In this picture we see step two. There are some little parts. The instructions tell us what parts to use, what to cement, what color to paint and where to put them!


Cut off the part

So, we identify the part. Cut it off the sprue...

Examine it and clean up any sprue bumps that formed.

Test Fit it... then cement it in place.

Test fit the part

You do this with a variety of parts. You just follow the steps.


And for some of the smaller parts I like to use a different cement. This is Tamiya extra thin cement. You apply it with a brush. It is great for small parts.

Use extra thin glue


Install the part

Then i used tweezers to apply the tiny parts. In this case it is a small cleat. There are six of them that go on the ship. And they are important because later we attach strings (rigging) to them.


The shields

ok! We are moving along nicely. Next let's do the shields. Here is where we do a lot of decal work. But these shields end up looking terrific. And there are 64 of them so it is a bit of work.

NextOkay! Let's continue and do the shields and the decals


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