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Make a Model Viking Ship Part 3: The shields and the decals

In this part of the tutorial we do all the various shields for the ship. There are sixty four of them and each one gets paint and a decal.


Here is a look at the shields. And notice that there is a whole series of them on the other side of the ship too!

The shields


Paint the shields

I started by painting all the shields. It's a pretty simple paint scheme. The shields are brown with silver for the boss in the center and the ring around the edge.


Pierce a hole in the decals

I punctured hholes in the center of the decals. This is where the boss of the shield sticks out. If you puncture holes the boss can stick through and the decal will sit nice and flat.


Soak the decals

Then cut out the individual decals one or two at a time and soak them in water for about 20-30 seconds. Don't cut out all the decals and stick them in water! You will end up with a mess of decals all stuck together and well ruined! Do them one or two at a time.


Slide decals onto shields

Then slide the decals onto the shields.


Wick away excess water

And wick away the water with paper towels or a q-tip.


The decals are done

And there you go! The shields are done. Some of them are just terrific. I like the variety of patterns and colors.


Cement shields to ship

Then they get cemented onto the sides of the ship.


The oars

After the shields there are more parts to assemble to the ship including all the oars. And the oars are a bit of a challenge because there are six different sizes and they need to be installed nice and straight so they look good.

I first dry fit all of them so all were in place and I could get a look at them. Then I applied glue to all of them and moved them into a nice look then let them dry.


NextLet's continue and do the rigging for the ship