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Make a Model Viking Ship Part 4: The Rigging (ropes and strings)

In this part of the tutorial we finish off the ship by doing the ropework (rigging) and the mainsail.


The anchor rope

The first roping to do is the anchor rope. You get a single length of this thicker rope. Attach it to the anchor, roll it into a nice circle then glue it to the deck.

The string

For the rest of the rigging you get plenty of string.


The rigging

Then we start on the regular rigging which entails running lengths of string from various parts to various other parts on the ship! And we now need those little tiny cleats that we had attached to the ship. The ropes tie to them .


The rigging

The rigging overall was a lot of detail work and a whole lot of fun.


The main sail

The sail gets cut out like this.


Drill holes in the sail

And it gets lashed to the horizontal beam with a series of small pieces of string. To do this you need to put a series of small holes in the top of the sail. I did it with a pin vise.


Apply the decal

And then applied the sail decal.


Attach the sail to the mast

Then the sail assembly is lashed to the boat with a variety of rigging. This part was challenging but a lot of fun. You want all the various strings to be taut.


Apply the final lashing


And that's it! The Viking Ship is done!

The viking ship is done


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