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Make a Plastic Model Walker Bulldog Tank - (M41) 1/35 scale - Part 3: Continuing the build

In this part of the tutorial we work on the turret and the various details to finish the assembly of the tank. This includes the track assembly which is a little bit different.



The turret assembly

The turret is a pretty easy assembly. It is composed of two major parts that glue together. They are an upper half and a lower half. And to this assembly you attach a variety of smaller parts including gas cans, handles and the machine gun. There are two interesting parts that are a little bit different. These are the main gun and the commanders hatch door. Both these parts are moveable on the tank. So, there are certain aspects of these parts you don't apply cement to.



The ends of the track go together

Next we assemble the tracks. There are mating halves that you put together to form each track into a loop.

But it can easily come apart.







Heat a tool

So, to make the connection strong you melt the tabs on the track to weld the ends together. You do this by heating up some kind of a metal tool like a screwdriver or a knife.







Weld the halves together

Then you use that heated tool to heat up the tabs. This welds the ends of the tracks together and forms a strong bond. In a way you have glued the ends together.










The track is assembled

Now the track is a complete unit. You can put it on the tank.






Stretch tracks over the wheels

And that's it. You can now gently stretch that track over the wheels. You should be able to freely move that track as if a motor were driving it.




What we have now is three major parts to the tank. The lower track portion, the turret section and a midsection that goes between the two.

They get assembled together to complete the tank. And they are snap together. No cement is required.


Adding the top half

First you snap the top of the tank onto the lower track section.







Adding the turret

Then you install the turret section. This has a slot a nd a path. That way it can rotate. You place it into the slot and rotate it.






The completed tank assembly

And there we go. The tank is assembled.







NextLet's continue and finish the tank by painting it and applying the decals