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Make a Scale Model Airplane Part 4 (Painting and applying decals)

In this part of the tutorial we finish off the airplane by painting it, applying the details and finishing up any gluing that needs doing.

Part 1 of this assembly is here



Paint it silver

We start with the major painting of parts. In this case I am painting the body of the aircraft silver. You have a lot of options and can paint it any colors you want. And if you want accuracy to the real aircraft the instructions tell you exactly which colors to use.


paint the propellor

And the instructions show you all the detail painting.


The decals

Now let's apply the decals. These are decals, not stickers so there is a bit of a unique process for applying them. I will show you.

And of course the instructions show you exactly where to put each one. And there are two different variations of aircraft decaling. You can choose which one you want. Or you can even just go ahead and apply them anywhere you like!


Soak the decals

You cut out each individual decal with scissors and drop it in water for ten or fifteen seconds.

Apply the decals

Then you slide the decal off the paper and right onto the model. The decal has adhesive on it that will adhere it to the model.


Dry the decal

And position it slightly, dab off the excess water with a cotton swab.


And that's it! The decals are done and the plane is just about done. I have a little bit of detail work to do including adding the clear plastic dome over the cockpit.

P51D Mustang Model


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