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Make an Airstrip Diorama part 2

In this part of the tutorial we finish the diorama by doing a little bit of standard diorama making terrain work - grass and shrubbery.

For this part of the tutorial I use Woodland Scenics Terrain materials. They have a wide array of textures and materials. It is all available on Amazon here.


Here is a look at some of the terrain textures that I have. You can see there is a variety of colors and a variety of textures. The thin granular stuff is for grass and soil. The thicker textures are for bushes, shrubs and trees.

Various terrain textures


To apply these textures to the diorama I mixed some white glue 50/50 with water.

Mix glue and water


And I brushed a thick coat of it onto the diorama only where I wanted the grass to be.

Brush mixture onto diorama

To make the grassy surface I am going to use Woodland Scenics Fine Turf.

Fine turf


I sprinkle it onto the glue.

Sprinkle turf onto glue


In this picture you can see the grassy textured area. To that we are going to add a few bushes. Apply full strength white glue.

Apply glue to grass


Then press texture pieces to the glue.

Apply textures to glue


And that's it. Rather simple but we have a nice little grassy area along the road. This is just a small sample of terrain making for dioramas. I have a whole lot of tutorials on how to do this. Check out the Diorama making area of my website for more.


The completed terrain


And the diorama is complete.

The completed airfield diorama


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