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Make the A10-Warthog Plastic Model - Part 4

In this part we paint the aircraft and apply the decals.


Part 1 of this tutorial is here



The windshield

Next we glue on the cockpit glass.


The undercarriage of the jet

Then we do the various parts on the undercarriage including the armanent and the wheels.

You can see that everythng has been painted already.

The only painting that remains is the bulk of the aircraft.


Paint the jet

The instruction booklet has several painting schemes you can use including a traditional camouflage and a varied gray painting. I went with the gray.


Cut out the decals

Once the paint has dried we can apply the decals. The instructions shows exactly where to place them if you want an authentic placement. And there are variations depending on the version of the aircraft you are going for.

Cut each decal out.


Soak the decal

Soak the decal in water for about 30 seconds.


Apply the decal

Then you can slide the decal off the paper and onto the plane.


Spray with mod podge

Then we finish it off by using a high gloss spray sealant. This is optional.


The A-10 Warthog





The Amphibious Truck (Duckboat)

The duck boat (DUKW) was a multi purpose vehicle that was effective on land as a truck and in water as a boat. You can check it out here: The Duckboat model


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