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Make the Flying Fortress Model - Part 2

In this part we start the actual building of the model by building the various internal sub assemblies and cementing them into the fuselage of the aircraft.



A note from Will: If you have never built a plastic model before you might want to start with my tutorial for beginners. I explain all the terms and the basics of a project like this. That tutorial is right here: How to Make a Plastic Model


The assembly instructions are all inclusive. They tell you everything you need to do.

The assembly instructions

Generally a big decision you have to make when building a model like this is when to paint things. You can paint everything ahead of time or you can wait and paint things near the end.

The instructions recommend painting almost all of the smaller parts ahead of time. Putting it all together then finising it by painting the larger parts like the exterior wings and fuselage last. It's a good plan so this is what I did.


Step 1


I am not going to make you read through every step. But let's take a look at one step so you get a sense for how this model is built. Here you see step 1. And it also tells you what color the various parts should be painted.


Painting the parts

I painted the parts for step 1 while they were still on the sprue. This makes it much easier to handle and hold them.


Cut the parts off the sprue

Once the paint has dried I cut the parts off the sprue.


The first sub assembly

And cemented together the parts to form a sub-assembly.


Painting the bulkhead

And some of the parts get a detailed painting. All of the colors are carefully explained in the instructions.


So we put together a variety of sub-assembles, fully painting everything ahead of time.


Then all those various parts and sub-assemblies are cemented into one half of the fuselage.


And you can see that everything, including the inside hull has been painted. All of the painting is carefully laid out in the instructions.


Then we finish off this part of the assembly by cementing together the two halves of the fuselage forming the body of the aircraft.


Let's continue with the build