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The Battle of Ardennes Diorama

Here is another terrific little diorama from Glen.

He used a small 1/35 Tamiya 89741 Set 3, and he scratch built the internal walls, floors and doors.

It came out wonderful and this is a great snowy scene.

An interesting thing about this diorama is that it is going into a museum. You can check out these links to learn more: uppottery .html


This is the airfield where Easy Company Band of Brothers flew from for D Day

Glen has lots more dioramas and tutorials here on my website check them out here



The Battle of Ardennes 1


The battle of Ardennes 2


The Battle of Ardennes 3


This next pic shows the floor, which is made up from coffee stirring sticks like the type you get from MacDonald or other fast food places.


Balsa wood was used to form the floor joists shown in the next pic. The doors was also made from Balsa wood. The glass is from plastic packaging which my computer printer inks came in.

I also used this for the glass in the street lamp Pic 21.( to do the glass in the street lamp, I wrapped so of the plastic around a drill bit, that was the same diameter as the lamp, held in place with rubber bands. This was then placed into a cup of boiling water from the kettle, removed and plunged into a cup of cold water which set the plastic into a tube shape.

The ruins that come with the kit needs assembling, but whilst the front is detailed the rear of it has nothing just hollow so I covered it in plastic card.

The reason I wanted to do this was because I wanted to use all of the building, and felt that it would be good to put my own take on this from the box art, hence the figure shooting through the door and snow settled upon the floor..


Remember snow settles on ledges, I have tried to show this in the pic you see on the left, even on top of lamp the final pic shows Ice on the glass of the door and helmet in the ruins. I used the Scenic Snow from Dulux to do all the snow, it is the first time I have used it and it is really good check out the link http://www.deluxematerials. com /products_miniaturist.html .




Tamiya Models US Infantry Battle of the Ardennes 1944 Model Kit

US Infantry Battle of the Ardennes 1944. Includes 3 US infantrymen depicted in winter uniform molded in combat poses, building ruin corner façade (Italeri mold) and black plastic display base. Also includes textured cobblestone sheet (20 x 10.5cm) and separately molded personal equipment and weapons (grenades (x4), bayonets (x6), Thompson, M1 carbine, M1 Garand (x2), M1 with grenade launcher and BAR with bipod).



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