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The Monogram Douglas TBD Devastator ( 1/48 scale) - Continued

In this part of the tutorial John finishes building the Devastatator model.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here




Paint is dried with a small hairdryer set on LOW heat.



The model ready for final assembly and detailing. My kit decals fell apart in water so I used "Yellow Wings" decals for the model.



The final touch, decals were placed accordingly and the final parts added. The canopy framework is made from high tack masking tape painted to match the aircraft color.



More of the Devastator with additional bonus photos of more aircraft on display in the "barn". I painted the wings and stabilizers and placed the first of the decals from my "Yellow Wings" decal sets. The kit decals are too thick and started to fall apart.



Here's the finished TBD Devastator folks, as promised in building stages. The finished model is detailed with "Yellow Wing" brand stars and all other markings b ecause the kit decals fall apart and are too thick in any case. The fuselage band and numbers are from a "Yellow Wing" decal set for the SBD but used because of the kit decals. I finished off with painting a strip of high-tack masking tape for my canopies for all my aircraft which seems to work fairly well to represent the metal frame. Once again the model is completely painted with craft type acrylic paints. Thank you for looking.





Night Boat Diorama This is an amazing diorama that Marshall made from a novel (Night Boat by Robert R. McCammon)

It is all designed for the night shots in the dark. The thumbnail at the left shows night shot and day shot. Check out more pics and information about this diorama here: Night Boat Diorama And this diorama came with a big oops! The casting resin melted the Uboat and well... sunk it! See that here.


Weekend Liberty! Jeep Diorama

Here is a terrific little diorama with a Willy's Jeep. This diorama was made by Rod and it was special because he actually owns a real Willy's Jeep. See pics of this and the real Jeep here: Weekend Liberty Diorama



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