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Todd's Karl Morser Dragon Diorama

Here is another terrific diorama made by Todd. The center pieces of it are the two Karl Mosser self-propelled Mortars which were the largest that Germany produced.

Part 2 of this project includes pictures of the building of this diorama.



About the Kits in this Diorama

The center piece was two Trumpeter kits, 1/35 scale, of the so called 'Karl-device.' The largest self-propelled mortar Germany fielded in WWII.

[The project is somewhat modular, so it can be expanded in any of the four directions: so kits will be added as I go, of course.]

I used three Tamiya AAA kits, a quad .20 cm, a regular .20 AAA, and a 3.7, too, all of the 'classic release' ilk. An .88 Flak 36( Dragon brand) for good measure, in the God-spot.

I used the oldest surviving Tiger tank model (disremember the brand) I have left from my childhood days, as the 'old guard,' and a die cast, newer looking 'fresh from the factory' Tiger, also.

Ammo hauler

An 'Ammo-schlepper' Pz IV, which was assigned to handle ammo for the  Karl's: there was usually two assigned per gun, but space and funds were lacking (also Trumpeter , I think). I threw in a captured Russian ammo-hauler, too ( Vulcan) , for shlepping the light blue 'chemical' warheads. I used a heavy truck, from a Russian model company that shall remain nameless here;-[ LOL,  ' Zvezda' ].


I used about every figure set for Karl-devices or Morser-Gerat's or for artillery crews on the market. Plus some elite infantry, etc. Also, a staff car, the one with the top brass and the hot German blond staffer chick;-].  And, one of those Prozit? light utility trucks, towing the AAA gun--I think we all have built that kit, it being a rather cool one. And lastly, the MB brand radio car ("Urgent Dispatch!"), with the horse and other figures..and a field kuchen. I plan on adding some heavy MG positions, fleshing out the log/sandbag emplacements with more infantry, a cool AC on sentry duty, another Prozit or heavy I/2 track hauling an ATG, got to have a Kubelwagon, and probably two motorcycles. Maybe a truck hauling a squad--room permitting.






Part 2 of this project includes pictures of the building of this diorama.


Trumpeter 1/35 Morser Karl-Great 040/041 on Railway Transport Carrier Initial Version


German Artillerieschlepper -

An artillery tractor, also referred to as a gun tractor, is a specialized tractor or vehicle used to tow artillery pieces of varying weights and calibres. Tracked tractors run on caterpillar track; in some cases are built on a modified tank chassis with the superstructure replaced with a compartment for the gun crew or ammunition.

German Artillery Crew -

An artillery crew member performs a specific task that is required during the operation or maintenance of an artillery piece such as a howitzer, rocket or missile launcher. Specific tasks may include positioning the gun, driving the vehicle, loading the gun, receiving target coordinates, changing gun settings, cleaning or making small repairs on the spot.



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