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The road to Berlin Diorama part 2

The structure of the diorama has been completed and now we take a look at some of steps in adding the figures and the tank and how it all looks.






View of the diorama over the tank


The varied stonework

The various types of stone work look great. We can see a nice contrast between the types of stone on the building and on the road.


The unpainted tank

This is the tank model that has been built and just needs to be painted and have the details and weathering added. Glen placed it on the diorama to see where it would sit and how it would look best. (Tamiya Models Russian T-34/76 Tank)


overhead view

Here is an overhead view.


One of the soldiers

Then the military figures are added.


A soldier


Soldier through a window


Angle view of the diorama

The composition is important. The figures are placed in a way to show them off yet convey action as if this is a moment in time frozen.


The wall work of the building

One thing of particular note is the painting and weathering of the ruined building.


Overhead view

An overhead view of the completed diorama from the rubble side.


The completed diorama



A Horse Called Panzer

A Horse Called Panzer

This is a terrific little diorama that is simple and very detailed. You can learn how to do something like this and see more pictures right here. Never made a military diorama but want to? You can start with something like this, one or two figures on a base. A Horse Called Panzer


Ardennes Frontline Breakthrough Diorama

Ardennes Frontline Breakthrough Diorama featuring a Graveyard

Glen takes us through the making of this diorama step by step with pictures.
Ardennes Frontline