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Hi, Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Will and if you have questions
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Trees for the Bocage Diorama

He built the trees by wrapping wire that was about 22 gauge then primed it with Rustoleum Shake can and painted them a couple of shades of brown.

He fleshed out the branches by using horse hair. And the foliage is a mix of ground up dried lichen (Michaels hobby shop in the floral section) and whole dried lichen.


The tree wire frames


Trees in place


Two completed trees


Trees in place


Close up of a tree


Beadsmith 22 Gauge Tarnish resistant copper Wire


More of Steve's Military Dioramas


"Changing of the Guard" A Trestle Bridge Diorama

This is a terrific diorama made by a web visitor (Steve). It depicts the changing of the guard on a trestle bridge and it has some amazing details including natural terrain and soldiers under the bridge. The bridge itself is hand-made from balsa wood. Check it out here:Changing of the Guard Trestle Bridge Diorama


"Fields of Fire" A machine gun emplacement

This is another terrific diorama made by Steve. It depicts a machine gun emplacement and Steve hand built just about everything. He even modified some of the soldiers. He shows us the techniques he used to make this diorama. Check it out here: Fields of Fire Diorama