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Trumpeter Models

You can directly browse the amazon selection of Trumpeter models here.




Trumpeter 1/35 German SFL Iva Dicker Max Tank

  • Kit contains 18 sprues and 631 pieces
  • Glue and paints not included
  • English instructions included
  • Photo etched parts and aluminum gun barrel are not included


Trumpeter (Sd.Kfz.165/1)German Geschützwagen IV b für 10.5cm le F.H.1


Trumpeter Modern US Soldiers Logistics Supply Team Figure Set, Scale 1/35, 5-Pack


Trumpeter 1/32 A4E Skyhawk Attack Aircraft Model Kit

  • Photo-etched parts included
  • Ready-to-assemble plastic model kit
  • Includes hundreds of pieces
  • Glue and paint not included


Trumpeter Stryker

Trumpeter 1/35 M1127 Stryker Recon Vehicle (RV)

  • Glue and paints are not included in the kit
  • Photo-etched parts included
  • English Instructions included
  • Ready-to-assemble plastic model kit
  • 440 total pieces included


Trumpeter Battleship

TRUMPETER 5340 1/350 USS Texas BB-35 Battleship


Trumpeter 1/72 US M113A2 Armored Personnel Carrier

Warrior is an armoured infantry fighting vehicle (AIFV) that replaced the AFV 432 in the armoured infantry battalions. The original buy of Warrior was reduced to 789 units. Of this total the vast majority had been delivered by early 1995. Warrior armed with the 30 mm Rarden cannon gives the crew a good chance of destroying enemy APCs at ranges of up to 1,500 m and the vehicle carries a crew of three and seven dismounted infantry.


Trumpeter crewmen

Trumpeter Modern US Army Crewmen and Infantry Figure Set, Scale 1/35, 6-Pack

1-35 Scale. Contains parts to make 6 figures and includes additional parts for duffle bags, M249, SR16, M4SEAL-M203 Guns.and more. Kit consists of 187 parts on 10 sprues.


Trumpeter Tools and More


Trumpeter Rivet Maker

Rivet maker with four assorted blades, suitable for different spaces of rivets. Great tool for modelers who want to display their best work.

This Trumpeter rivet making tool has a handle in made with black ABS plastic, a set of lock in orange ABS plastic, and 4 different style metal saw toothed roller.


Line Engraver

Trumpeter Line Engraver Tool

Hobby line engraver, used to make the desired line depth on the material, as shown in the picture on the back of the package.

This Trumpeter line engraving tool has an one-piece molded handle in black ABS plastic and metal engraver blade.