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Zvezda Models

Amazon has a whole lot of Zvezda model kits right here


Modern Russian Special Forces

1/35 Scale Highly detialed plastic model kit by Zvezda. Comes with diagram instructions and authentic decals. Skill level 2.


Zvezda Models 1942-1944 German Infantry Platoon Kit

Infantry of the German army could be considered as the best one for it's time. It had been combined successfully features seemed to be incompatible: high discipline and moral and possibility to show successful tactical initiative during combat. During the battle of Kursk salient in the summer of 1943 infantry divisions had been fighting jointly with the most up-to-date for that time armoured troops. Figures and equipment represent a complete platoon of German Infantry Battle of Kursk in 1943. 35 figures in 14 different poses.


Zvezda Models Soviet Armored Boat Model Kit (1/350 Scale)

  • Engineered for modeling enjoyment
  • Plastic parts with enhanced detail
  • Unprecedented value
  • Ready for immediate assembly!
  • Paint & glue required, not included


Zvezda Models 1/35 Su-100 Soviet Self-Propelled Gun

Self Propelled Gun based on the T-34 tank with a powerful 100mm cannon.

  • Engineered for modeling enjoyment
  • Plastic parts with enhanced detail
  • Ready for immediate assembly
  • Paint and glue required (not included)
  • Instructions included


1/72 Scale Medieval Peasant Army

Kit contains (42) soft plastic figures in 12 action poses, armed with various weapons and equipment. Medieval Wargame Series.

  • 1:72 Scale kit.
  • Tools needed: Side cutters, Tweezers,
  • Assorted figures
  • Highly detailed plastic model kit
  • Easy to assemble
  • Accurate markings and insignia
  • Assembly required
  • Requires painting (not included)


Zvezda Livonian Knights 13th century

The Livonian knights established themselves in Baltic Sea area during the 13th Century and were joined by Teutonic knights in the conquest of the Baltic tribes. It is a highly detailed plastic model kit and easy to assemble.

1/72 Scale Highly detailed figure set by Zvezda. Figures come in various poses as depicted on box. Little or no assembly required. Ideal for creating dioramas. Skill level 2


Zvezda Snap Kits

Zvezda Models 1/72 German 2cm Flak 38 With Crew New Tooling Snap Kit

  • Engineered for modeling enjoyment
  • Plastic parts with enhanced detail
  • Unprecedented value
  • Ready for immediate assembly


Zvezda Models KV-2 Heavy Soviet Tank SnapKit

The KV was a series of Soviet heavy used during World War II. The Soviets built 5,219 KV tanks between 1939 and 1943. The KV-2 was a variant that carried a 152mm howitzer.

  • Completed model is 2.6" long
  • Includes 12 parts
  • 1/100 Scale Armor


Zvezda Models Soviet Tank T-34/76 SnapKit

The T-34/76 was the most well-known and most produced tank of WW II. It was remarkable for its ease of manufacture, control and safety. These properties made the T-34/76 a formidable opponent and a favorite among Soviet tank crews.