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Northlandz - The Biggest Diorama in the US

Northlandz is an enormous, warehouse sized, building that is full of miles of model railroad track and miniature scenery. When I say enormous I really mean enormous!

THere is over eight miles of railroad track and the building is 52,000 square feet in size.

I Spent an afternoon here and I closed out the place -staying right until the last minute. I was the last person out the door.

I also have an eight minute video you can watch. It is a simple video showing various areas and various trains running on the tracks. You can watch the video on my youtube channel right here:
Northlandz video

About Northlandz:

-495 US Highway 202 Flemington, New Jersey, USA
-Phone: (908) 782-4022
-Hours, days and seasons vary - check out their website:
- Northlandz Website

It is a big place and you take about a mile walk to get through it all. You will walk for a while looking at various trains and landscapes then it will open up to reveal there is still a whole lot more to see. And there are a lot of interesting little scenes like a castle scene a crashed airplane rescue scene and much more.

You see, for me, it really isn't about the trains. It is more about the terrain, the landscapes, and the creativity. They don't advertise it as such but this place probably is the biggest diorama in the world. Yup! That's how I am seeing it.

The grand layout has so many different types of terrains, landscapes and buildings. It is just so much fun to walk through it all and discover things.








There is also a castle that is all hand made.


How to Build Realistic Model Railroad Scenery

One of model railroading's best-known scenery modelers offers new techniques for adding realism to a layout of any size or scale.

Featuring today's newest products and equipment, this third edition of one of Kalmbach's top-sellers will attract modelers with contemporary images of diesel locomotives and urban settings, plus updates to Dave's trademark scenery “recipes.” Hundreds of photographs bring the techniques to life and make it easy for modelers to get started quickly. • Includes new chapters on Western scenery and desert modeling, and city scenery and urban settings •

Ideal for beginning, intermediate, and advanced modelers.



Want to Make a Diorama? I have all the tutorials; How to Make trees, grass, landscapes, water and well.... pretty much everything.

Waterfall in a diorama

A Waterfall in a diorama

Actually pretty easy to make a great looking waterfall if you know the right tools and techniques. I have it right here: Make a waterfall in a diorama

Shoebox Diorama of a knight and dragon

Make a Shoebox Diorama

I have easy tutorials with different themes including dragon, space, rainforest, ocean and more Shoebox Diorama Tutorial is here

Wizard diorama

How to Make a Diorama
(The Official Tutorial)
Dioramas are a great way to express creativity. You work through manys stages of the creative process. You conceptualize then design a scene then you work with the materials to make it a reality.-great tutorial that shows you how to make a diorama from start to finish. It walks you through all the steps and techniques.

Miniature tree

How to Make miniature trees for dioramas and Model Railroads.

I show you the traditional method using Woodland Scenics materials and I show you some improvised methods using wire and materials found around the house. How to make miniature trees


Will's Diorama book

Check out my book on how to make fantasy and medieval dioramas. I put all my best techniques and tricks in this book! How to make Fantasy and Medieval Dioramas