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StarBeach Diorama

Here is another nice little diorama built by Marshall. It shows good creativity in a couple of different ways. First off the circular shape is great. And this was achieved by using a gallon bleach jug. Great use of materials. And it has fiber optics for the stars and the light house.

Marshall has made lots of dioramas and contributed pics and information about them to my website. You can check them out right here: Marshall's Dioramas.



Marshall tells us about the making of this diorama:

This was an exercise with fiber optics. I used a 1 gallon bleach bottle for the body of the project. The beach and water were made using techniques used in "Auburn Venus". ( Lightweight hydrocal to form the shape of the base including the terrain and then a coating of woodland scenics sand.)

There is an homage to the opening scene of the movie Jaws, the shark fin is an actual shark tooth and the girl swimming (which cannot be seen in the pictures) is one of the 1/350 scale sailors used in "The Night Boat" diorama. The light house was made from one of the water receptacles that florists attach to the stem of single flowers to keep them fresh longer. Used Twinkling illuminators on
some stars and the light house light, the other stars are crushed glass.



The Coke can gives us a sense of the size of this diorama.



The fiber optics.


The florist water container modified into the light house.


Some of Marshall's other Dioramas:


Bridge of Sorrows

Bridge of Sorrows

This is a wonderful old Ral Partha kit. It depicts a wyvern or dragon trying to take a maiden but our wizard and knight are not going to give up without a fight. This project is nicely done and has some special modifications. See a bigger picture here


The King Rides

The King Rides

This is a great example of how to use a few figures and maybe a tree or two to make a great looking fantasy diorama. The King Rides Diorama


Rocky Cliff Shadowbox

Rocky Cliff Shadowbox

Shadowboxes are one of my favorite things when it comes to dioramas. This one is an excellent execution in shadowbox form. It is very simple yet very complex. Something like this can be very difficult to get just right. This one is perfect. The Shadowbox diorama