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Lee's Stargate Diorama

This is a beautiful Stargate Diorama. It was made by Lee Lopez and my thanks go to him for submitting this project to the website. He has also given us step by step pictures and great information on how he made it. If you would like to make a diorama this is a great process on how to do it.

I have a complete tutorial showing every step of this method including the plastering and terrain: How to make a diorama



The Stargate Diorama

Lee tells us about how he made this diorama:

I started with a white board base and more or less figured out where I wanted everything to go. I started first building the mountain with the simple method of newspaper balls and kept them in place with masking tape.

I starting using cardboard for the terrain but then used a type of Styrofoam. Shaped them up and then covered the whole thing, mountain and terrain with plaster cloth.

Was a good experience as I had never used this before but it was fun seeing the moutains take a nice shape. Then I painted the mountain and terrain with base colours just to know where the grass etc would be going. Painted the mountain using washing with green, brown, red and black. Think it turned out ok but I would like to know how to get this looking more realistic.

I then added the grass, path stones, weed etc using the watered down glue on the spray bottle. I also added little stone tiles around the egyptian column. In the last few photos you will see the grass is different shade as I added a different type on top as I was not happy with the first attempt. Also removed the pine trees from the mountain to give it I think a less cluttered look. I was meant to finish the inside of the cave with a red glowing light but never got to it.

Beginning the terrain

Adding foam

Adding the plaster

Adding the stargate

The finished stargate diorama


Smaug and Bilbo Diorama

Smaug and Bilbo Diorama

This is a spectacular diorama made by a web visitor (Giorgio). He shows us how he made the diorama. Oh and he hand sculpted the dragon too. He shows us step by step how he did that too. The Smaug Diorama


Silent Hill: Reflections of Triangle Head

Silent Hill: Reflections of Triangle Head

The video game is very mood inducing and spooky. How do you convey this in a diorama? Mirrors are perfect for this Pyramid Head diorama. Check it out here



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