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Storm The Castle Diorama Part 4-c

In this part of the tutorial we finish off this stage of the work by putting it all together so we have all the various major castle pieces made, assembled and in place.

An important thing to think about at this stage is not to permanently secure the parts. This is because we will need to do a lot of further work in the future.


The crenellations

Not everything is just buildings in a castle. There are lots of other interesting things like stair cases, battlements, buttressess and all sorts of smaller things that attach to buildings. At this stage we make these.

This picture shows the crenellations at the top of a wall section.


Glue together


We go ahead and glue that to the top of the wall unit.


Glue wall down

And then we take the pieces one at a time and glue them in place. This is a wall unit.


More parts go together


Here you go, some of the walls are going up. That inclined staircase still needs to be carved before it gets glued in.


A bit of terrain

And we finish up some of the terrain work behind the castle. This is some hilly area that we made with crumpled newspaper under plaster cloth.


Glue more walls in

More walls go up. Then the towers go in until everything is glued in place.




And that's it for this part. Just about all the buildings, walls and major details are in place. Even that inclined staircase has been carved and painted.

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