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Storm The Castle Diorama Part 5 Continued

In this part of the tutorial we follow through the completion of one building. This shows us the process we do for just about all the buildings and all the walls.

Then we glue them into place starting with the inner ones first.


spackle the building

We start by painting everything black. That is the base color and most of it will eventually be covered. Then we use some spackling to touch up various parts. This spackling is good for filling in foam cracks. But we also put a little extra on in random places because it gives the building a nice plastered look.

Paint it black

Once that spackling is dried we then paint over it again with black to cover all the white.


Painting the roof

Then we paint the rooftops red. It has a carved pattern in it so we dab on the red paint which leaves all the black in the cracks. It just puts red on the higher parts of the foam which is the shingles.


Dry brushing grey

Then we dry brush on several coats of gray to the rest of the building. Dry brushing is where you put paint on the brush and dab most of it off on a rag before lightly swiping over the building. It puts a thin layer of streaky paint so lots of black shows through.

We do this twice. The first time with a plain gray. The second time we add white to the gray and do it again. This gives it depth.


Painting the door

Then we move on to some of the larger details like the windows and doors. Here I am painting the door brown. I am using the dry brushing technique so the brown goes on but the black grain of the wood stays intact.


painting doorway stones

Then we move further into the smaller details like the stones around the windows and doors and the door knockers.

So, you can see a pattern here? It is the same thing I talk about with a lot of projects. You start out with the bigger strokes and the broad stuff then you slowly work your way down to finer and finer details.


brick work

Some more details, brickwork.


moss on buildings

Finally we glue on some of the major moss and vine work using sphagnum moss and terrain textures.

NextLet's continue on to see how we did this moss work on the buildings (Part 5c)



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