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Storm The Castle Diorama Part 7d : The Moat, Water Effects continued

Ok! In this part of the tutorial I show you how to paint the water.

Part 1 (The beginning) of this tutorial is right here


remove theprotective plastic

We are going to paint the underside of the lexan. This is the side that will face down! So flip the moat over and peel away the protective plastic.


Start the blue paint

First I use a large paint brush and dapple in the whole river area with a nice bright shade of blue.


Add some black

And while that blue paint is still nice and wet immediately dapple in a line of black right down the center of the moat. This black will make it darker in the middle which gives the water the appearance of being deeper in the middle.


Spread out the colors

Now we want to soften and diffuse that black so add lots more blue while it is still all very wet. Add blue and dapple into the black. In this picture I am starting to soften the black.


Spread out the colors

Here you go! This is what we are shooting for. I have continued to add lots of blue and softened up that black line quite a bit. It looks just about right.


Add some white

To finish off the painting I dapple in a little bit of white along the banks. Soften this up too with some blue.

The painting is done!

Install the lexan

ok! install that painted lexan into the moat with the painted side down.


peel off the protective layer

Peel the top protective layer of plastic off.


Flex paste

Now you can glue everything into place. I used flex paste. It is specially made for scenery and it holds large gaps and irregular shapes.


Install the terrain

It looks Great! Notice how the shade of the water changes and it is a little darker down the middle.


NextLet's finish this project by adding the water ripples (Part 7e)