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Storm The Castle Diorama Part 3

In this part of the tutorial we do some of the basic terrain landscaping on the diorama.

We do the part on the left which is the encampment and the battlefield.

We also carve out the moat at this point.


Here is a look at the diorama after completing this stage. You can see all the plaster cloth that has been shaped into terrain.

The diorama at this stage

You can also watch the video on this part of the tutorial:


Plaster Cloth

What we use here to make the terrain shell is a product called Plaster Cloth. It is like the stuff a doctor would wrap on your arm to make a cast for a broken arm.


the cardboard frame

But we don't just lay this stuff on the flat surface of the table. That would just give us flat terrain. We want the terrain to have shapes, hills, etc. So we build up a frame of cardboard strips.


crumpled newspapers

That cardboard frame is not strong enough on its own so we stuff it full of crumpled newspapers. And I crumpled newspapers and laid them out randomly on the surface of the diorama where the plaster cloth will go. This gives the terrain a bit of variety, its not so flat.


soak the plaster cloth

So, let's get to the plaster cloth! You soak it briefly in water and this gets the plaster going.


lay the plaster cloth on the scene

Then I laid out the plaster cloth on the diorama.


second layer of plaster cloth

Once that first layer dried. I then applied a second coat of the plaster cloth. And I laid the strips in the opposite direction, rather than north-south I laid them east-west.


The foam cliff

You probably also noticed that pink cliff toward the far end of the diorama. That is a cliff carved out of foam and placed right in the hill.


cliff in place

The cliff was placed right into the cardboard strip mountain. This way it could be incorporated right into the landscape.


cut the moat

Let me just cover one more thing here. It is the carving of the moat. A castle has to have a moat around it right? So I drew the moat right on the foam with a sharpie then used a hot cutting tool to cut out the foam. The cutter is angled so the sides of the moat angle down to the water.


remove the foam from the moat

Pulling the foam out of the moat.


the moat is cut

This picture gives you a pretty good look at the moat.


NextLet's continue on to Part 4


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