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The DragonSlayer 7


The Dragonslayers are a series of weapons projects that have escalated from a simple rocket launcher into all kinds of various things. This is about the DragonSlayer 7 which is quite unique among them. I have pics, vids and more information about the other projects here: The DragonSlayers. But this one is pretty extensive and it covers a lot of different ground in different ways. The Major media for this series is video.


It is a series of videos and here is a breakdown so far:


Part 1 Discovery - I was out in the woods looking for some good trees so I can harvest seeds for bonsai. It is a deep part of the woods near an old abandoned military base. I discovered a mysterious green military type container so I grabbed it and took it home.






Part 2: Discovery - I take the cannister home and open it up to discover a glowing sphere inside. It gives off a strange sound and a bright light. There is a timer and a switch on it. I ponder whether I should switch the switch and what would happen.





Part 3: Transformation - I finally decide to switch the switch and I am transformed into an animated world. I am no longer human but an animation. I gather my senses and switch back to reality.






Part 4: The Adventure Begins - I gather my courage and switch the switch again. This time I take a look around to discover I have been transformed into another world. Looking out my front door I spot the dragon. I don my armor and head out on the adventure.






Extra Stuff - I also have a couple of other videos that show you the making of these videos. It includes a look at the stop motion animation sets that I built. One of the most interesting things is that I built exact miniature copies of two rooms in my house. Came out really great. You can almost not tell the real room from the miniature room.





This is my youtube playlist with all the DragonSlayer videos. You can watch the videos in order from the very beginning and as I update with new videos they are automatically added to the playlist.


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