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Making Money With Your Website - The Honest Way - Step-by-step

FrontPage Express Tutorial Part 2: Adding a title


Now let's add a title to the webpage. Use this illustration as a guide to the tools you will use.

  • Click your cursor in the large area of the screen. (your webpage area) The cursor will appear at the left hand top of the page.

  • We want to put the title of our webpage in the center so find and click on the center format button.

   3. The cursor now appears in the center of your new webpage. Type in the title of your webpage. Below is
        a section of the webpage I am creating. It shows the Title of my page called 'Science Fiction World'

    4. But, as you can see, it isn't very impressive. Let's make it bigger and bolder. Click and drag across your
        title until it is highlighted. Shown here.

     5.  Now play with the different text formatting options until you find something that you like. try the various
          options under the 'Format' menu option and try the various buttons in the first row of tools. If at any           time you do something that you don't like you can undo it by either pressing "ctrl + z" or by pulling           down the 'Edit' Command in the toolbar and selecting 'Undo'.

      6.  I have changed the font of my title to Veradana, made it bold, and increased the size. This is shown