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Make the Big Daddy Drill Part 2


This is part 2 of the tutorial on how to make the big daddy drill. If you need to see part one it is right here



Glue a box on

Now glue a box onto that flat disk. This is to add strength to that dowel and it doesn't break or bow too much.


The box

Here is another look at that box. It is just pieces of foam board glued into a box shape and glued down. The dowel sticks right out of it.


Assembly handle

This picture shows the handle part being installed. It is a pretty simple set up. I just cut a piece of foamboard into an eight sided shape. then I taped eight petals onto it. The previous picture shows those petals.


The petals

Here is just another look at placing the eight petals. This is how I made the handle assembly but you could do just about anything. Just so long as the drill fits and you have a handle to hold on to.


Add handle

This is a little difficult to see but I added a handle to hold onto the drill. Thats my hand gripping it on the left side of the picture.

I Just cut a piece of foamboard as the handle then hot glued it to the side of the box we had made.


Test it

Now just put your drill onto the dowel and while holding the handle you can turn the drill on and watch it spin. That's it. Now you just need to paint it.


Paint it

Paint it! I painted the whole thing silver then I did a little trimming with gold.



TheBig Daddy Drill



the Kirkhammer from Bloodborne

Make the Kirkhammer from Bloodborne

This is a big hammer and it really works like the trick hammer. We also make the sword that goes in and out of the handle. Make the Kirkhammer


Deadpool's Katanas and the Holster

Make Deadpool's Katanas and the Holster

You can have swords, and wear them, just like Deadpool does. And for fun I also give you the template so you can make a miniature set like I made for the dragonslayer. Make Deadpool's Katana and holster



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