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Make the Helicopter Blade Sword from Live, Die, Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow Movie - Part 3: Painting


In this part of the tutorial we paint the sword.

Part 1 (the beginning) of this tutorial is here



The painting scheme is pretty simple. The biggest part of this is the camouflage green paint for the blade. It has a nice military look. If you don't have this kind of paint you can mix up some shade of green to get a similar color. I believe you can add just a little black to a regular green.




Before you paint the rest of it you should glue on the bolts. These are just cut from foam.

In the video I call them hexagonal shape but they are actually octagonal. Eight sided bolts look better than six.






This is optional but if you want really crisp paint lines on your handle you can mask it off with tape.







Here is what you paint silver. That center section of the handle, the pommel, the guard and the guard lock nut.






Paint the bolt plate and the bolts black.











And paint the outer parts of the handle black.








The only thing remaining is to put some military style stenciling on the blade. You can use either a white pencil or paint.











Make a Damascus Steel Knife -

Damascus steel is challenging to make. But you don't have to make it for a knife. You can buy a blank and make a knife with it. I show you how in this tutorial: Make a Damascus Steel Knife Part 1 (I also have a video for it)



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