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Eyeball Project - Eye in the Hand


This is one of my eyeball projects. I have a whole bunch of eyeball projects and you can see them all right here including how to make the eyeballs.

In this tutorial we do a simple eyeball in the hand project.


Eyeball in the hand


We use wire to attach the eyeball to your hand. And this is a pretty good technique because you can take it off and put it back on quickly and easily. We also tried using skin colored makeup latex and white glue for this but they don't work too well. The eyeball comes undone quickly because of the motion of your hand.

Cut the eyeball in half like this.









Punch two small holes in the side of the eye near the previous cut. Make the holes on opposite sides of each other.








Push a thin wire or string though the eye, right through those holes you made.








Wrap one end of the wire around your pinky and the other end of the wire around your thumb. That's it you are done.













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