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Fun with Eyeballs - Halloween Projects


This is a fun little set of projects you can pick and choose from any of them. First I show you how to make eyeballs out of ping pong balls then I show you five different things you can do with them!

The scissor template is here

I also have a video tutorial on this project at the bottom of the page


Eyeball Projects

This page you are now on is where I show you how to make the eyeballs. Here is where you can go to make the other projects:

Links to the Five Projects


Materials for this project:

To make the eyeballs:

  • Ping Pong Balls
  • Pictures of eyes (Iris and pupil) scrounge them up on the internet
  • Mod Podge, or white glue
  • Spray on sealant , high gloss (optional)
  • Hot glue gun,
  • Red paint

To Make the various eyeball props

  • eyeglasses or sunglasses that are no longer any good because we will ruin them
  • Safety goggles if you want to make the arrow through the eye
  • Hot Glue gun
  • An eyeball that you made
  • Red paint
  • Scissor template if you make the running with scissors project


Let's Make the Eyeballs

When working on your ping pong ball project you might want to use a bit of masking tape to secure it down to the table. Makes it a lot easier to work on.








Print up some eyeball pictures and drawings to about the right size and if you have a spray sealant go ahead and seal them. This will make them easier to use and start them off more shiny.






Go ahead and carefully cut them out.










Flip those eyes over and use a black marker or black sharpie to fill in the black of the pupil on the back side. This will make that pupil darker and richer. Particularly as we wet it with mod podge etc.









Cut a series of slits in the Iris of the eye.










Mod Podge or Glue the back of the Iris.









Apply it to the ping pong ball. Brush it and wipe it on gently so it doesn't rip. Once it is on apply another coat of mod podge or glue.









Use a toothpick and red paint to apply veins to the whites of the eyes.










If you have a spray on sealant you can apply it once the eyes are dried. High gloss sealant is best. It will make the eyes nice and shiny.

Your eyeballs are done! Now let me show you how to add the optic nerves and various bloody details!







Apply a large amount of hot glue to the back of the eyeball.










You can create threads and streams of optic nerve by flipping it over and letting it hang down as it hardens. Tinker with this. You will quickly get the feel for it.










You can build it up really long and big by applying hot glue and dipping it in ice water. It quickly cools and you can then add another layer.











Go ahead and paint all of that stuff red. And when it dries spray seal it with a high gloss if you have some. Nice! You are done making the eyeballs. Now lets use them for some projects. The list is near the top of this page.










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