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Make Finn's Demon Blood Sword


Here's a another great adventure time tutorial! In a previous tutorial we made Finn's golden sword. Now we show you how to make Finn's demon blood sword fo und in the episode "Dad's Dungeon". This is a fun and easy project for all ages.


Make Finn's Demon Blood Sword


Finn's Demon Sword

You will need:

  • pencil
  • tracing paper
  • eraser
  • duct tape
  • foam board, about two full sheets
  • ruler
  • leather scraps/brown fabric/brown construction paper
  • white paint, gesso, or primer
  • sand paper
  • paint brushes (wide flat and smaller flat)
  • red paint, bright or dark red, it doesn't matter
  • green paint
  • newspapers to cover your work surface
  • an x-acto knife
  • hot glue gun & many spare glue sticks
Find yourself a source image and render the sword carefully onto your foam board.

Trace the template

Trace the template onto your foam board in pencil or draw it on.






Cut out the first layer of the sword. You should have two halves because the sword is about three feet long and therefore too long to fit onto the foam board in one piece. Your two pieces are the sword itself and the hilt.






Tape togetherDuct tape these together carefully. You do not need a lot of duck tape, just enough to keep the pieces together when you hold the sword up. This layer is going to be supported by the other layers.






Repeat this process 4 more times. Because this is such a long sword, the foam layers need to be pretty thick to make this sturdy enough to hold up in the air and play around with.






Hot glue the layersOnce you have all four of your sword layers, hot glue them all together.







Once glued, draw on the details by either using tracing paper to transfer them from the template to the foam board (make sure you decorate both sides). If you've rendered by hand, still, you're going to want to draw out your details (the ones that belong on the Celtic Cross part of the hilt). To do this, simply use a number 2 pencil of youStormTheCastle.com The website for fun and creativityr preferred hardness (or softness). Keep an eraser handy and be careful not to draw it on too dark or light. A normal amount of pressure to the graphite should suffice.



sand it smoothNow grab fine grit sandpaper. We used a combination of p220, p400 (both are very, very fine in texture) and 60 grit for really slimming down any bulk or unevenness in the sword/hilt. 60 grit sandpaper is very coarse. If you decide to use 60 grit all the way, you should still go over the edges of the sword one final time with a fine grit to remove any paper lint or frayed edges. What do you sand? All around the edges of the sword. Every one you possibly can until it is smooth. Foam board is capable of delivering very deep, painful paper cuts. You have to sand it down you're most likely going to sustain an injury. Dust off your foam sword.



Here's part 2 of the tutorial

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