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Make Finn's Demon Blood Sword Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the sword.




This is part 2 of the Finn's demon sword tutorial.

Grab some newspaper and cover your work surface. You also need a container of rinsing water, any kind of white acrylic paint, primer, or gesso, and a flat, square-tipped standard paintbrush. The bigger the brush, the less time this step takes. We used Glidden's Latex House Paint Primer in Titanium White. Apply a thin, even coat of primer to every part of the sword, including the sides where the layered foam is visible. Set aside to dry for 15-20 minutes.



The paintGrab your red acrylic paint. We used Americana brand Acrylic in Primary Red & Plaid brand in Lipstick Red and mixed them together in a small plastic container.






Double check to make sure your primer is dry and paint each face of the sword red (don't worry about the sides; they're the last part of the painting process). Be careful not to glob on the paint, otherwise you won't be able to see where the details are. Once the sword is red on both sides, allow for it to dry about 15-20 minutes.




While you wait, grab some PLAIN green paint. We used Delta Creative Creamcoat in Christmas green. Mix a tiny drop of the green paint into your red paint and mix thoroughly. This is called desaturation. Because red and green are opposites, adding a little bit of green to the red naturally darkens the brightness of the red but keeps it the same tone.

Paint the decorationsOnce you have a dark red, almost brick-like color (or even slightly brown), grab a smaller paint brush and use this color to paint all the detail lines in. We're doing it this way to achieve a subtle "illusion" of depth in lieu of carving deep into the foam. Be careful, the details are the most important part. Once you've reached a point that you find satisfactory on both sides, set it out to dry again for another 15-20 mins. Note: If you are sick and tired of waiting for paint to dry, you can always grab a blow dryer and manually speed up the process. That's what we did after a while. Just be careful not to melt the paint!


Now that the details are painted on, assess the sword. How does it look to you? When we reached this point, we decided that the dark red on bright red contrast was too extreme. To fix this, we mixed our plain unadulterated red paints together one final time and watered it down A LOT. Using this new extremely thin and water paint, we took our big flat brush and went back over the details one more time. This helped to soften the darkness of the unsaturated red and blend it in, making it appear a tad more subtle. This is YOUR sword. If you're happy with how it looks, skip this step. Do not do anything you don't want to do.


The last painting step is to paint the sides, and the inside of the Celtic Cross in the hilt. Grab a smaller brush to do this because you run the risk of ruining your detail work otherwise. Once THE ENTIRE SWORD is covered from top to bottom, 360 degrees with red paint, set the sword aside to dry one last time. By now, things should look pretty great. There are only a couple of things left to do to the hilt.


cut leather stripsThe hilt can be done in a lot of different ways. Because we've done a lot with leather over the past year at Storm the Castle, we decided to use the leather scraps. The actual Demon Blood Sword from season 3 episode 25 Dad's Dungeon looks a lot like the sword pictured in this tutorial. The hilt is made up of brown material in the cartoon. However, you can do anything you like for your own hilt. We recommend using brown fabric or brown paper in place of leather scraps. Or brown acylic paint. Any of those things will look great. Other DIY Demon Blood Swords have used black as the accent color of the hilt, too, so if you'd prefer black that's also an option.


glue the leather stripsWe used hot glue and leather scraps to wrap our hilt. By adding drops of glue to the leather periodically during the wrap, front and back, to keep it sticking to the foam board, we created a really simple and attractive hilt. We alternated colors of raw natural leather, and finished the overall look off with some dyed brown leather cord.





CONGRATULATIONS! You now have a Demon Blood Sword from Adventure Time! MATHEMATICAL!

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