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Game of Thrones White Walker Sculpture by Trish

I received an email from an artist (Trish) that is working on a Game of Thrones Project. She is making a white walker bust. And she wanted to add some mini nail swords to the project.

Great project and I was happy to help by making her up a bunch of mini nail swords.

Here are some pictures of the project as it developed. And I also have a link for you on how I made the miniature nail swords. That was a bit of blacksmithing fun.

Here is the completed project.

Here are a series of pics showing how the project developed. And Trish tells us a bit about the materials:

The clay skin is Pronto DAS Air Dry Paper Clay and the eyes are flat back glass cabachons with a printed paper backing.



Glass dome cabochons with flat back - These aren't the same exact ones that Trish used. You would have to get the appropriate size for the project are working on.







Nail swords

Make Nail Swords - Fun little project where you turn duplex nails into miniature swords. Make Nail swords




Make a White Walker Spear from Game of Thrones

This is an easy to make spear and we use a neat material called insta-morph to easily create the tip. Make a WhiteWalker spear