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How to Carve a bas-relief in foam part 3 (Painting it)

Now we finish off the bas relief by painting it.

Part 1 of this tutorial (the beginning) is here.



Clean with a brush

Prepare the work by cleaning it gently but throughly with a soft brush. Remove all the loose foam pieces and dust.








Mod Podge

The foam can be a bit stubborn when it comes to taking paint well so we should condition it with something. Mod podge is good for this.

(Mod Podge is on amazon here)








Seal with mod podge

Cover everything including the background in an even coat of mod podge.








Mix some paint

Now we are going to accentuate the depth and lines of the carving by washing it with a very watery black paint. So, add some black paint to water. Make it very watery.







Washing the details


Now drip it and brush it into the cracks on the various figures. Do this multiple times as needed for the black to really settle into the cracks.








Continue painting by adding and mixing colors

Ok! You can see that the black washing looks good. Now the final step of painting it which is pretty easy. I am going to paint it a simple brown color, kind of like a dark wood. But my brown is too dark so I added a bit of white to it.






Now paint it all brown. But brush it lightly and carefully over the parts where the black is settled in. We don't want to cover up the black.

Painting the bas reliefFinish the painting



The bas relief is installed


Make a Wizard's Globe

Every wizard's lair has a globe like this. It works a lot like a gyroscope in that you can rotate the rings and the globe so it can be looked at from any angle.

Make a Wizard's Globe



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