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How to Cast a Metal Coin Part 3


All that remains is to paint the coin. And then you can use it to buy goods and services at any store or vendor in Skyrim.



Wash the coin with black There are three steps to painting the coin. We want it to look old and uses so we start by washing on a very watery coat of black. And wipe it off. This gets the black down into the cracks of the coin.








Paint the goldThen I dry brush on a coat of gold. Dry brushing means the paint is not very wet and watery and we just lightly brush over it. We don't want too much of it to get down into the cracks where the black is.








Detail paint itThen we do a little bit of detail work with black and a fine brush. That finishes off the coin.








That's it! The coin is done.

The completed coin



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