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How to Make a Big Fantasy Map part 3

In this part of the tutorial we do the detail work on the map.


Next we start on the detail work. One good point for detail is the vegetation along water bodies, oceans and rivers.

The water encourages deeper and richer foliage growth so you can paint a deeper richer green along the banks.

This is easy to do because in an earlier step we had painted the big land masses a bit of a light green.




Next is some work on the glaciers. I used a soft pencil to do cracks and lines in the glaciers themselves. And I used a very light blue around the glaciers as melt. It is a lighter blue than the rest of the oceans.







Here is another painting tip: We can get some really nice terrain variety by using two colors at once. Put two similar colors, one lighter than the other side by side in a container. In this case I am using light green and dark green.

Get some of each color on your brush.






Then you can dab this couplet of colors onto your map. See how it leaves a nice mottled texture of both shades of green. This will make for some interesting and realistic looking terrain.







Pencils, markers, paints and all kinds of tools can be used on your map.

Now we can work on the mountains and the mountain range. I am using a sharpie to draw them out.






I finished off the mountains by adding white caps to the tops and adding some ochre to the sides of the mountains which gives them some mass and some depth.






Ok, a few finishing touches and we can finish off the map. One great thing is a compass. I put this in the lower right corner of the map.







And that's it, now it's a matter of looking it over and making any adjustments you think would be good. For example. That center ocen is a little dark so I lightened it up.

And that's it! Your Map is done!





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