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How to Make a Basic Crown - Part 3: Painting and finishing



In this part of the tutorial we finish off the crown by sanding, painting and sealing it.

Part 1 of this tutorial (the beginning) is here


Sand it smooth

•  Satisfied with the shape, I sanded down the entire crown to smooth all edges and buff away the really hard, dried texture.

•  When done sanding, dust off crown and prepare to prime.


Paint the base white color

•  Apply a thick coat (or two or three!) of plain white acrylic over the crown and allow to dry. This is where a blow dryer comes in handy for impatient crafters.


Gold paint

•  When dried, I used a combination of Martha Stewart paints in Pollen and Metallic Gold to create a delightful cartoonish goldenrod yellow.



Painted gold and yellow

I covered the entire crown in this mixture (at least 3 layers) and allowed for that to dry as well.


Spray seal it

•  Finally, I used a matte finish spray mod podge acrylic sealant and left that to dry.



The end result was a crown inspired by the Little Prince or Max from Where the Wild Things Are. This is a perfect jumping off point for more ornate décor or the perfect finish line for the most basic of simple golden crowns, perfect for school plays or all-around fun.

The golden crown




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