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How to Make a Dragon Glass Dagger from Game of Thrones


In this part of the tutorial Paul shows us the remaining steps to making the glass dagger.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here


1. After separating the sides - I removed the positive, funnel plug and expansion wires. 

2. Using scalpel blade/craft knife I trimmed any and all flashing from the sides and internal edges.

3. Using sides as a template I cut two pieces of plywood to act as supports. Using same method of calculation using rice I put some into one side and doubled amount to find my total amount. Two part mixture so part A was 1/2 of total. Part B = 1/2.  Green pigment with some black mixed into part B. Thorough mixing so that there was no streaking. 5 minutes working time with casting resin means pouring as soon as possible.

4. All surfaces brushed with release agent. 


Clamp the mold





5. Replaced two sides on locating pegs and clamped wooden cheek boards in place. See picture.









Stand it upright


6. Stood moulding upright ready for resin casting. Pour into funnel steadily until you see it express from either funnel or expansion tubes.










Demold it* After a suitable period of time - approximately 20 minutes it was deemed hard enough to be removed.
This is first colour trial may need to try other shades to reproduce the right one but very pleased in general with overall results. Plus there will be a covering fitted to the final coloured dagger to complete the effect.






The casting is done









The completed dagger

The completed dagger!









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