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How to Make a Fake Boulder Part 2 - Painting


In this part of the tutorial I show you how to make the boulder realistic looking with some easy painting techniques.

The first part of this tutorial is here


There are four basic steps we take when painting this boulder.

  1. Paint the whole thing a basic gray color
  2. We add some slightly darker areas by adding a little black paint to the same basic gray
  3. We add some slightly areas by adding a little white to the same basic gray
  4. we do a little bit of dabbing with a dry brush and black paint


Paint it gray

Paint the whole stone with a flat latex gray paint. Your choice as to what shade of gray. I bought a quart of it but wow I could have done it very easily with just a pint.

Move on to the next step while this paint is still wet! Don't let it dry.


add a little black

Now add a little bit of black paint to that same gray and paint some of the inner sections of the stone. I mean the indented sections. But don't make it super distinct like it was sections of a quilt. Drag some of the previous gray paint layer around too. This blends the edges nicely so there is no distinct transition between the shades of gray.


dabble in the darker shade

This pic shows me dabbing some of the darker gray into a crevice of the stone.


A darker area

This picture gives you a pretty good look at a darker area I have just painted.


Add some white

Ok! While all that paint is still wet you follow a similar process with a lighter shade of gray by adding a little white to your basic gray paint.


Dry the brush a bit

With the white you do not want it to be real wet so it runs all over the place. This is highlighting that you lightly dab and stroke onto the high points of the stone. So, wipe most of the excess paint off the brush then apply to the higher points of the stone.

Highlight with white

Dabbing on the high points with the lighter shade of gray.


dab on details

Now use a small brush to speckle on small details with the raw black and raw white paint. Speckle it on by dabbing straight at the stone. But first wipe most of the paint off the brush.



That's it! Your Stone is done!!!!

The boulder we make





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