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How to Make a Foam Board Sword Part 3


In this part of the tutorial we put the sword together and paint it.Part 1 of this tutorial is here


Glue those swords together, one right on top of the other.

Once the glue has dried sand it down a bit, particularly the edges so they look even. There will be an uneven ness between the layers you can trim thes with a knife and smooth it out with sand paper.

Before we actually paint the sword we should prime it. Do this with white paint. Paint it all a nice coat of paint and pay particular attention to the edges of the sword where the foam is exposed. That foam can sometimes be corroded by paints so seal it with your acrylic brush on white.

And if you have mod podge go ahead and apply that to the whole sword. This will seal it, minimize warping and keep the colors fresh.

You can spray paint it if you want. We are spray painting just the blade so notice that we have masked off the guard with masking tape. And when painting the edges of the sword like you see in the picture inspect it carefully because some spray paints can eat the foam. But, if you sealed it well with primer and or mod podge it should be ok.

You can also paint it with acrylic paints. Try not to paint it too wet or overly thick because all of that wetness can warp the sword. But generally you will be ok if you paint both sides of the sword evenly. This way any warping is canceled out.

You can also use paint pens to add details to your sword. Here you see the pommel is painted gold and a design has been added. Note that if you do designs on the sword you should draw them out lightly with pencil first so you can make mistakes and erase them if needed.

Ok, We are almost done but I have a couple more neat techniques to show you that can make your sword a bit special.

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