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How to Make a Foil Tape Sword - Continued


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the assembly of the sword and add the foil to the blade part of the sword.

The beginning (page 1) of this tutorial is here.



OPTIONAL - Put in the Fuller (Blood Groove)

The actual sword of Robb Start has a groove going down the center of it. You can add this in if you want your sword to look authentic. But, it does make it more difficult to add the foil tape. Just be aware of that!

Fuller linesDraw two lines down the center of the sword. They are one half inch apart.

Start there on the left like you see in the picture and make those two lines about 18 inches long. You don't want to go the full length of the sword.






Cut the paper

Cut the paper along those lines. Don't cut through the sword. Just cut through the top layer of paper. It doesn't have to be exact. You will cut some of the foam too. That is quite ok.






Remove the tape

Go ahead and remove that strip of paper.








Sand the fuller

Now to get a nice rounded shape in that groove you fold a piece of sand paper over (or emory paper) and use the fold to sand right in there.








Cut the bevel

You may also want to bevel the edges of the sword to. You can do this by cutting off an angle piece the full length of the blade.








The bevel is done

The bevel is cut. Do the same thing on the other side of the blade. You can also do this full process of fuller and bevels on the other side of the sword if you like.







Taper the guard

You can also use a knife and sandpaper to toper down the ends of the guard.






Trim handle corners

You may also want to shave the edges of the handle.









Start at the center of the fuller

Ok, we are going to add the foil tape to this project. One quick note first. If you have a fuller on your sword you should start like this, at the bevel with a sheet of the foil. If you just tape over the fuller you can push the tape down into it. This way you can get the edge of the tape right down into there.







Peel and stick

From there you can remove more of the tape backing and fold that tape over to cover the other side of the sword.

Part of how you do this will depend on the width of the foil tape you use.















Use pieces to cover gaps

We added more tape onto the sword. You can see there is a second one folded over. And then we used some tape to finish it off, covering any exposed spots.


















Here is good rule of thumb to follow when applying foil tape:

Apply an area at a time

When applying the foil tape to the sword you should only peel off a little bit of the backing at a time. Just enough to adhere the tape to the sword. Peel some backing, apply the tape, peel back a little more and rub the tape down etc. This will reduce wrinkling. So, just peel away the backing as you are taping it down.






Smooth with Cloth

And experiment a bit with using things to apply the foil evenly and wrinkle free. Try using your fingers and try using a soft cloth like I am using here.

Note, you might want to watch the video. I have a section that is sped up that shows my applying tape to one whole side of the sword, by peeling it a little, rubbing it, peeling, rubbing etc.






THe chrome tape


OKAY OKAY OKAY! Let's Finish this sword off so we can kill some goblins or something!




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