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How to Make a Foil Tape Sword - Part 3


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the sword.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Trim at corners when possible

Whenever you are wrapping and placing pieces you can cut the excess foil at the corners. This makes for a much nicer wrapping with no overlapping. Having the cut of the under piece at a corner makes it very unnoticeable. Just a neat little tip. And In this picture you can see that I am using the eight inch wide chrome tape which wraps all the way around the sword making it so much easier.




Use a spray adhesiveHere is an alternative method to applying the foil tape or chrome tape. You can put an adhesive on a section of the blade.








Apply foil with backing

And then apply the foil tape to it without removing the backing on the tape. I tried this and it applies so much easier but it still wrinkles a little bit. My hunch is that this is a great way to do it and you can get a perfectly smooth foil sword this way. It might just take a little bit of experimenting.






Now we can finish off the sword. The actual Robb Stark sword also has gold on it (On the guard and the pommel) So if you have gold foil tape you can cover the guard and the pommel.







Duct tape the handle

Now some black duct tape on the handle and we are almost finished.

Note when it comes to the gold and the black on all this part of the sword. If you don't have these tapes you can go right ahead and paint this up. Use gold paint or yellow paint and black paint.






The pommell nut

One final detail is cut cut a small circle of foam board, cover it in gold and glue it to the end of the pommel. This is the pommel nut and a nice added detail.






And that's It! Your Sword is done!




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